Anxiety is a complex condition that can generally be described as “enduring unmotivated and uncontrollable worry, fear and apprehension”.

If anxiety persists this can affect your mood and sometimes lead to mild depressive episodes. It is therefore advisable to contact your doctor if you are experiencing these symptoms in order to have your condition assessed and appropriate treatment prescribed.


Having a good night’s sleep is essential for physical and psychological wellbeing. Often not being able to get enough sleep is associated with anxiety, stress and sometimes the fear of not sleeping. Sleep disorders are all those conditions that may interfere with regular sleep, such as:

• difficulty sleeping through the night
• difficulty falling asleep
• waking up too early
• waking up and feeling you have not slept enough

Sleep disorders may reduce physical and mental performance during the day. Often people who do not sleep well feel fatigued, drowsy, and find it difficult to concentrate and pay attention.