The intestinal bacterial flora is normally in a steady-state condition that tends to remain stable over time. However some factors may change in this balance. The most common are: bad eating habits, medicines, especially antibiotics, infections, trips to or staying in health risk countries.

Since the enteric bacterial load protects body from potentially damaging bacteria, you should take care of your intestinal tract with a proper diet and avoid taking too many antibiotics (to be taken only when prescribed by a doctor) and lead a healthy lifestyle.

When one of these factors upset the enteric balance the intestine changes from a “eubiosis” to a “dysbiosis” state that is usually followed by some typical symptoms and the weakening of some normal functions of the bacterial flora, such as the absorption of food and the ability to synthesize vitamins and micronutrients.

The most common symptoms associated with an alteration of the intestinal flora can be: stomach ache, diarrhea or constipation, a sense of bloating and pressure, sickness and weakness.