Nutritional supplement based on ingredients beneficial to the nervous system. Practically stick-packed and orally dissolving, with no need for water.


Indications and usage

Take a stick pack per day without food by gradually dissolving it inside the mouth (orally dissolving) or, alternatively, dissolve it in a half glass of water.

Functional ingredients

EZ Brain (SAM-e/SOD association)
B6 Vitamin
B12 Vitamin
Quatrefolic – Folic acid

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Average contents
Per dose: 1 stick pack %VNR*
EZ Brain° 223 mg
Equal to: SAM-e 200 mg
SOD 250 UI
Homotaurin 25 mg
B12 vitamin 2 μg 80
B6 Vitamin 1 mg 71
Thiamine 1 mg 91
Folic acid 400 μg 200

* NRV: Daily Nutrient Reference Value for adults EU Reg. n.1169-2011

Scientific insights