Mineral and dietary supplement based on iron, lactoferrin, vitamin C and folate useful to add a supplementary portion of those nutrients in the presence of nutritional deficiencies or increased organic needs. Thanks to the presence of 21 mg of iron and 50 mg of Lactoferrin, Ferrolat is able to provide a supplementary contribution of iron equal to 150% of the nutrient reference values.


Directions for use

One tablet daily with a teaspoon of water

Active ingredients

• Iron: besides contributing to decreasing tiredness and fatigue, it assists the normal function of the immune system
• Lactoferrin
• Folic acid
• Vitamin C

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Average content
Average content Iron Lactoferrin Vitamin C Folate
1 tbl 21 mg 50 mg 50 mg 400 mcg
NRV% 150% 62,5% 200%
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